For Fun, City of Spokane and State of Washington in Google Trends

For Fun, City of Spokane and State of Washington in Google Trends

Since we live and work in the beautiful Spokane area of the Pacific Northwest, I decided it would be of interest to see what general information Google Trends has to give about our fair state and about Spokane specifically.

On the down side, interest in Washington has waned significantly over the past 10 years as measured by term searches. We experienced a quick temporary boost in 2013 when marijuana was legalized. The Herald Sun in Melbourne, Australia, of all places, ran a typical article: “Colorado, Washington state legalise pot.” Thanks, Herald Sun.

Measured by search volume, the country most interest in Washington state is, not surprisingly, the United States. In a distant second places comes Guam, followed by Canada.

Interest in Spokane has not decreased as it has for the state. Term searches have hardly moved over the past 10 years, only slightly down today from a decade ago. Spokane’s high point was 2008, when The Seattle Times ran a series of article about the record-breaking snowfall that winter (“Spokane hit with largest snowfall in four years, more coming” is one typical example).

Measured by search volume, Guam, which was second in search volume for Washington state, drops off the map for Spokane, so to speak. The United States is the Hiker in a forest crossing muddy area on a wooden-slat most interested in Spokane, followed by our near neighbor Canada.

Spokane Valley, made official as its own city comparatively recently, is a rising search topic relating to Spokane. The most dynamic rising query trend for Spokane? Craiglist Spokane. This reflects observable social trends in increased online shopping and trading activity.

Washington state is known for — among other things — Walla Walla sweet onions, Microsoft (Redmond), the Twilight movies/books (Forks), the Space Needle (Seattle), Starbucks (it’s everywhere), marijuana, and “No, the other Washington.”

The city of Spokane is known for the Lilac Festival, Bloomsday Run, Hoopfest, Gonzaga basketball, and “No, it’s pronounced Spo-CAN.”