Full update: What’s new with intelliPaper?

Full update: What’s new with intelliPaper?

intelliPaper® launches swivelCard™

variety of swivelCard designs

Available in one standard design, a dozen template designs, or your own custom design.

In 2014, intelliPaper launched a subsidiary product line called swivelCard consisting of smart business cards that fold out for plugging into a standard USB port. These cards come with options: A dozen design templates with more coming, custom designs, a standard design for those on a budget, QR codes, NFC (near field communication), full analytics, back-end management system, and an array of options for uses.

swivelCard Kickstarter campaign concludes at 1,115% of goal

To help finish out the back-end management system, add designs besides the standard design, and meet other product goals, intelliPaper launched a swivelCard Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2014. It ran for 35 days with a goal of $10,000. When backers reponded so enthusiastically that they blew past the goal in less than 8 hours, we realized there was more we could do for rewards, and more we could do to upgrade swivelCard. Thanks to our supporters on Kickstarter, our project ended with over $115,000, new rewards, and some new goals for us.

For example, we’ve been able to purchase a laser engraving machine and start offering an engraving option, and the back-end management interface is coming along well. We were even able to offer a new reward to backers during the project — the swivelCard mini.

swivelCard mini

stack of engraved swivelCard minis

Engraved swivelCard mini, front and back.

This is simply a tiny version of a standard swivelCard. Like its bigger sibling, the mini folds for plugging into a USB port and comes with a QR code. It also comes with sticky panels that can be used to stick the mini anywhere you want.

This turned out to be a wildly popular reward and generated plenty of interest and curiosity during the Kickstarter project. These are now part of swivelCard’s product line and can be purchased at our store. (Read more about the store below.)

Kickstarter backer surveys and reward shipping

When the campaign concluded, we used Backerkit to send out surveys to all our backers in order to confirm their rewards, get their current shipping information and (if they wished) submit information to be used on our Hall of Fame web page thanking our backers for supporting swivelCard. You’d expect a certain number of logistical challenges to arise, and we have had those, but by now most of our backers have returned their surveys.

As posted on on Kickstarter, we had planned to begin shipping backer rewards in November. With hard work, though, we were able to begin shipping rewards in late October. We started with the swivelCard mini rewards since we had enough on hand to fulfill all backers of that level immediately. Next, we will be shipping in a first-come, first-served order. If you’re a backer and would like to get an idea of when your reward might come, please contact us and we’ll give you our best estimate of your time frame for receipt.

Hall of Fame

Our plan is to post the Hall of Fame as soon as we reach a certain high percentage of backers with returned surveys. Right now we’re just over 73 percent complete with surveys, and we’d like to get to at least 90 percent before posting the Hall of Fame. If you haven’t received your survey, would like to check to make sure yours is in, or have had any trouble with it, please use the contact link above to get in touch with us so we can take care of it promptly.

New store on website

While we had a swivelCard website up by the end of the Kickstarter project, we weren’t satisfied with it. So it has been revamped and redesigned and you can find it in its current version here. Of course there’s more to do, which is true all around the site, but it is all in planning and further development. We’ll be adding more depth and more features to the site regularly. Currently you can:

Thanks for your support as we’ve gotten the new product and new website off the ground. With those up and running, we’re now in a building phase where we’re upgrading what we’ve made, finishing out the back-end interface, and working to meet our backer rewards. We’ve got plans for special programs and new products in the future, so keep watching this blog as well as intelliPaper’s social media pages on Facebook (swivelCard page) and Twitter (swivelCard account).

From intelliPaper to you: How can we answer your questions and meet your needs?