intelliPaper was one of 11 U.S. companies invited to present in D.C. last week

intelliPaper was one of 11 U.S. companies invited to present in D.C. last week

Everybody at intelliPaper was excited to learn from the WSBDC (Washington state Small Business Development Center) that intelliPaper had been selected as one of just 11 companies across the country to present at the 35th anniversary ASBDC (America’s Small Business Development Center) Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C. What an opportunity!

The SBDC as an organization provides business classes, guidance for business owners, and help in finding funding and applying to sell to the government. The ASBDC meeting helps to solidify Congressional support for the SBDC nationwide so that it continues to be funded. The 11 businesses invited to present would have opportunity to talk about their businesses and their SBDC experiences with state representatives.

Andrew with state and national SBDC leaders.

L-R: Duane Fladland, Washington SBDC director; Charles "Tee" Rowe, CEO of ASBDC; Terry Chambers, WSBDC's interim associate state director; Andrew DePaula; Shavenor Winters, WSU's Government Relations Office.

Our fearless president, Andrew DePaula, prepared his presentation and a booth setup and flew to Washington, D.C. on March 15. He attended a meet-and-greet that evening to pick up his badge and mix with politicians and other business invitees.

If you were one of the Twitter followers on the @swivelCard account where Andrew tweeted his D.C. visit from Sunday to Tuesday, you saw that the airline lost his only checked bag. What he didn’t mention is that it contained the booth setup materials. It was a relief when he reported that the airline delivered it to his hotel late that night.

On Monday he visited with several state representatives as well as Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray and Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, all from Washington state. He had opportunity to take some pictures that day, including one memorable long shot of the president and his entourage (see below).

Andrew with McMorris Ridgers and SBDC leaders.

L-R: Washington state Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers; Andrew DePaula; Alan Stanford (Andrew's WSBDC business advisor); Duane Fladland, WSBDC Director.

While visiting with politicians and their staff members, Andrew was able to distribute small samples and discuss intelliPaper and swivelCard products. As his tweet read, “I was told by several that we were the coolest thing there.”

The big moment came Monday evening when business representatives set up their booths around the perimeter of the room and then made their presentations. Afterward Andrew stayed with the booth, and people gathered around it the rest of the time. According to Washington SBDC Director Duane Fladland, who attended the meeting, “Andrew made quite an impression up there.”

“We got to tell our story, intelliPaper,” said Andrew. “From our perspective, everybody we visited, there was a level of excitement that was palpable, interest in the product, wheels turning about how they could use the product in Washington, D.C.”

He mentioned with humor that some people were “almost apologetic” when it came time to exchange business cards because they were giving him an ordinary business card.

Andrew came back excited and fired up, and indeed this week we’re having a big meeting at the office, including our new CEO, Scott Sassone, to discuss the future. It’s great to be part of this growing company. Visit swivelCard and find out why the folks in D.C. were so interested.

President and entourage on Capitol steps -- from a long distance awayAndrew giving the swivelCard spiel to Rep. Derek Kilmer.