Into the reward homestretch, missing artwork, and NFC stickers

Into the reward homestretch, missing artwork, and NFC stickers

Almost there with rewards!

Thanks for your patience with us as we’ve waited for the NFC stickers and continued shipping all the Kickstarter rewards we can. February has been a good month for shipping — we’re rounding the last corner and coming into the final straightaway.

Submitting artwork

There are still 45 backers who have not yet submitted artwork. We have the staff, ready and waiting to produce and mail these rewards after the artwork is finalized. Also, 30 people have submitted artwork but have not approved the final artwork. We have to have that final approval before going ahead; it’s a legal thing.

Jagged Violet swivelCard template design with form fields indicated

Jagged Violet swivelCard template design. These are the form fields you'll provide information for if you use one of the swivelCard design templates.

Here’s a refresher on getting artwork made for custom cards, and submitting it.

  1. Start by downloading a design template (InDesign or Photoshop). This template simply includes the QR code position and other items that have to stay in position.
  2. You have several choices of how to come up with your design. First, you can use the template you’ve just uploaded to design your own artwork. Second, we offer design services at an additional fee. Third, you can design your cards using our template-based swivelCard format. (There is no extra cost to use the template-based option.) For all options, we’ll send you a proof to review, and you give us the OK if the design is what you want.
  3. To use the template-based swivelCard format, visit our website and decide on the design you want — Yellow and Gray, Teal Triangle, Polygon, Jagged Violet, Floral, Creative Angle, Bob the Builder, Color Gamut, Corporate 1, Corporate 2, Blue, or Amethyst. You’ll see on the web page the form fields that need to be filled out. Then email us your swivelCard template choice and your form field information.
  4. To provide your own custom artwork, use the InDesign or Photoshop template you just downloaded in step 1. Choose one template or the other, not both. Before beginning your design, read through all the instructions so you don’t have to go back later to change something.
  5. Choose your colors (background, logo, etc.). Please note that we cut our cards with lasers. Since there’s no way to avoid a laser putting out heat, there is potential for some slight yellowing from laser burn that can make the cards appear “dirty” along the cut lines. For this reason, we encourage you to use darker background colors or dark borders that cover these areas.
  6. Determine where you want your text to appear on the card. The template shows a white box where the QR code appears — it can’t move.
  7. Finally, place your artwork (logo, color, text, etc.) into the template card layout.
  8. Once your design is complete, submit your design with layers (according to the instructions) by email.
  9. You will receive a proof by email that you can inspect and make sure it looks the way you want. If it’s fine, reply and give the final OK to go into production. If you have changes, email those as well.
  10. Screenshot of swivelCard home page with sign-in interface circled.Once you received your cards, you’ll see that each group of 100 cards has a group ID# assigned to it. Each card also has a unique ID#. The group ID# is used to register your cards through the swivelCard sign-in interface. Once your cards are registered there, you can set the URL each card points to, or set the same URL for the whole group at once. Instructions will be provided with your new cards when they ship.

We’re eager to get all of the backer rewards produced and shipped as soon as possible. So if you haven’t yet submitted artwork or given us the final OK on your artwork, well, just imagine us all here on the edges of our seats, waiting eagerly to hear from you and ship your reward off to you.

NFC stickers

The next shipment of NFC stickers some of you have been waiting on have arrived. Although we are still waiting on an additional future shipment of more NFC stickers, some packages are already going out the door. Don’t worry! Yours is coming. If you have an NFC reward, you have the option of opting out of NFC and having your reward shipped more quickly. Just let us know if you would like this option.