Kickstarter Appeal

Dear Kickstarter,

I am asking that you reconsider my project, intelliPaper, for Kickstarter approval for two reasons.

First Reason: intelliPaper is the essence of DIY: The first intelliPaper product was made in my kitchen oven at home using an iron for laminating (see pictures below). It has been a DIY garage operation from the start. And, intelliPaper is completely designed to be DIY for the end user. The components are DIY. I considered making the reader/writer open-source, but it basically already is so there was little to gain. Before the project launch I plan to add a new reward of a DIY assemble-your-own-reader kit to the project (1 below), as well as a print-your-own/program-your-own/make-anything-you-want kit. Our focus with intelliPaper is that it be a completely user-programmable, completely user-printable, and completely user-creative tool. I am happy to revise the project story to make this more obvious and clear.

DIY Reader kit Figuring out USB traces Printing traces First working intelliPaper
$150 bare die probe station Measuring trace resistance Lego testing foot
1. DIY assemble-your-own-reader kit. 2, 3, & 4. Making the first working intelliPaper. 5. Home made die/chip probe station. 6. Lego resistance measurement jig. 7. X & Z adjustable probe foot.

Second Reason: This project is design/creative focused: The backers will design the line of greeting cards. I want the design and aesthetics of the greeting cards to turn heads. That is why I am calling on the creative/artistic backers to join me in this project by putting their creative energy into designing this line of rewards. I intend to lower the reward for designing the greeting cards from $2499 to $349 to allow more artists to join at this level. In addition, the design of the reader/writer device is crafted from aluminum and will have a very sleek/modern aesthetic appeal.

Based on what I have read in your guidelines for technology projects I feel that intelliPaper is a natural fit on Kickstarter. Here are a couple examples of projects you’ve approved that have many similarities to ours.

I also wanted to let you know about the excitement that has been generated in the larger technology community surrounding the possible Kickstarter launch of intelliPaper.,,, and have all committed to running stories on project launch.,,, and a few others are currently reviewing sample kits. I would be happy to send you a sample kit as well if that would be helpful in your reconsideration.

Thank you very much.


Andrew DePaula