intelliPaper Indiegogo Project

intelliPaper Indiegogo Project

intelliPaper in useGet notified on project launch!Spokane, WA — Recently launched company intelliPaper, led by CEO Andrew DePaula, will open up a new technology frontier with disposable paper USB thumb drives using funding from a new Indiegogo project on November 18, 2012.

Touch your wireless intelliPaper product to a wireless-enabled device such as a laptop USB reader, and your computer will automatically launch a browser that opens the URL encoded in the card, or pull up your contact application and ask if you want to import the data.

Each product—a postcard, business card, mailer, handout, ticket, insert, and more (see a video demo)—is made out of intelliPaper’s patented “intelligent paper,” with electronic components embedded into the paper. While the look, feel, and functionality of paper is preserved—it resembles cardstock—the product can now share printed or digital data both via USB port and wirelessly.

“Smart Paper” USB drive technology has enormous potential for consumer usability, wireless applications, and more. That’s the reason DePaula has created the Indiegogo project for people interested in this practical, low-cost, high-potential new technology. Currently, intelliPaper drives are only available for corporate marketing with pre-loaded data with a minimum order. One of the project’s goals is to make intelliPaper’s thumb drives available to consumers at a lower cost, with greater ease of use and more features.

The USB thumb drive itself is a perforated strip along one side of the product. The user removes the perforated strip, folds it along the printed lines, and inserts it into any standard USB port. Up pops an icon leading to the data on the drive. These small paper thumb drives are surprisingly economical for their advanced functionality.

“Each product using intelliPaper is an interactive form of multimedia delivery with all the utility and benefits of existing media, yet with few of the limitations,” says DePaula. “In the future, as versions of intelliPaper with larger memory become available, new applications for intelliPaper will be possible.”

Paper USB thumb drives have an incredible “cool factor,” and DePaula is utilizing social media as part of the Indiegogo effort. (Follow intelliPaper on Twitter at @intelliPaper or on Facebook.) Be sure to check out DePaula’s October 30 interview in the November 8th issue of the Spokane Journal of Business. TechCrunch and will be trying out intelliPaper’s sample kit in November, and DePaula hopes they will pick up the story. Interested partners can help realize the potential of this emerging technology by signing up to be notified when the Indiegogo project goes live.

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