Large Flyer or Mailer

Large Flyer or Mailer

Don’t let your flyers or mailers just disappear into the ether. Mail or hand out an intelliPaper flyer/mailer so you can provide an interactive and personalized experience to your prospect. Not only can you deliver always up-to-date product information, you also get hard data about when people visited your site, how many, and what products or services interested them.

intelliPaper provides you with the tools you need to measure your effectiveness. With intelliPaper, you don’t have to wonder how effective your flyer or mailer was. Each flyer/mailer can be unique, enabling you to know how many devices were used to connect to you and how often each device was used.

Better metrics. With intelliPaper, you need no longer depend on averages for strategic planning. See where your intelliPaper devices travel and how far your campaign spreads! And by using campaign-specific or recipient-specific content, your prospective clients will see and experience exactly what you want them to. Knowing their visit to your website is from a specific campaign allows you to adjust your message based on browser language, location, or on any number of parameters. We will be happy to help you customize your system to make it work for you.

Large flyer / mailer dimensions are 5.5” x 8.5”. The minimum quantity order is 1000. Add more features to your card.

LMT-02 – Large flyer or mailer

Large purple intelliPaper mailer/flyer

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