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intelliPaper® Announces Availability of swivelCard

Share a whole experience with USB, QR, and NFC*


SPOKANE, Wash.— swivelCard — Despite their advanced capabilities, swivelCards are still plain paper business cards, the type of cards you would normally hand out to business contacts and potential clients. But they’re not just business cards – there’s intelligence inside. Each card can be plugged into a USB port, features a unique QR code, and has optional NFC (near field communication) wireless capability.

What’s Different About swivelCards?

Someone can hand out a USB stick with certain files loaded onto it; they hope a potential customer will access the files rather than just congratulating themselves on having a new USB stick. The recipient may open the files right away, or might stumble across them a couple of weeks later, in which case the information is out of date.

swivelCard is different. Each individual card features a unique ID, allowing customization of the digital experience for each individual recipient as well as for groups. Since you can control the URL destination of any card at any time, even after giving it out, your swivelCards are always current. Think of swivelCard as a key to unlock a door. Behind that door can be anything you create.

What Can a swivelCard Do?

Create a microsite showcasing your videos, downloadable files, forms, sales literature, and call to action, all nicely packaged in a branded experience. Invite a new investor to a high-level online meeting. Reward faithful customers with access to an exclusive online pre-sale event. Showcase your newest item to your high-level clients.

Then use the back-end management system not only to change the destination as needed, but also to track the analytics of your cards in the aggregate or down to the individual card.

swivelCard Availability

The new swivelCard is available now at Click Buy to find cards and card options at the newly redesigned online store. Common use cases can be explored under “Use Ideas” in the main main menu.


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*    NFC is optional