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Press Release



Spokane, Washington. intelliPaper, LLC, has launched its new website,, its initial product has shipped, and it is now accepting orders from customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Merging traditional printing with data storage, intelliPaper has brought new technology to the market, providing innovative, low-cost data sharing solutions to its users.

What is intelliPaper’s unique product? A PAPER USB STORAGE DEVICE—intelliPaper. This remarkable, patented technology has just given the data-sharing industry a low-cost solution to communicate messages both visually (the paper) and digitally (the data in it) at the same time. intelliPaper devices are available in a variety of form factors, including business cards, greeting cards, advertising mailers, response cards, trade- show handouts, magazine inserts, and event tickets. Data can now be shared with others in a unique, and personal way.

How is an intelliPaper device used? Take the simple business card. . . John hands his intelliPaper business card to a prospective client. The client goes back to his laptop, breaks off the paper USB tab, folds and inserts it into his computer’s USB port. Up pops the icon; he clicks and voilà on his computer screen appears John’s contact info, information about his company, a link to his website, and . . . anything else John wants his client to see or have. All this, in a tangible paper card. Then after using it,perhaps sharing it a time or two, it can be tossed.

For additional information Visit, Call (509) 343- 9410, or Write intelliPaper, LLC, 10414 W Hwy 2, Ste. 4-120, Spokane, WA 99224.

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