Pricing you’ll like; becoming a reseller

Pricing you’ll like; becoming a reseller

Thanks, everyone, for a terrific holiday sale. We enjoyed talking with you and shipping out more swivelCard mini packs. We hope you’ve had a fun and festive season so far, and a happy New Year coming up.

New pricing

The success of the swivelCard Kickstarter project has jump-started our production process and made a number of things possible that we didn’t think we’d get to do! Our backers were so generous and supportive that we can now make a price change you’ll appreciate. Due largely to your strong support during the Kickstarter project, we are now extending the special holiday pricing of 0.99/swivelCard mini indefinitely. The original price was $2.90/mini, so that’s a big price change for us. If you weren’t able to back the Kickstarter project, join us in a big thank-you to the backers, who have made this possible.

The swivelCard mini comes in 10-packs (purchase here). Custom printing is not available for the mini right now, but engraving of your information is available. To get the most out of your swivelCard mini and other swivelCard products, view brief tutorials on:

Reseller option

We’ve had a number of inquiries and some fruitful reseller agreements set up so far. If you’re interested in becoming a reseller for your area or would like to know more about it, here are several contact options. All of these contacts are monitored and you will get a response.

Happy New Year!