Standard Business Cards

Standard Business Cards

examples of card designs availableExpand your business card giving with our standard-size business card. Available in both tear-off and swivel versions, these cards will provide your contacts with whatever interactive, dynamic experience you choose when they plug the card into a standard USB port, shoot the QR, or interact with the optional NFC chip. You’re not just giving people a card with your product or service, but a whole experience.

The information they access is always up to date because they always see your current content, and you can even change the destination the cards points to after handing the card out.

Our standard business cards are available in two flavors, swivel and tear-off. A swivelCard folds along scored lines to push out the USB portion of the card, while the tear-off card presents the USB in a tear-off strip along one edge of the card.

Card dimensions are 2” x 3.5”. Minimum quantity order for the standard-size business cards is 1000. Add more features to your card.

BCS-01 – Swivel


Blue design showing the swivel card folding to pop out the USB portion.

BCT-02 – Tear-off

tear-off swivelCard showing tear action

Standard tear-off swivelCard, tear action

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Don’t need 1000 cards? Try out our technology with a swivelCard sample pack.