Thanks for a great Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, social media event roundup, and a little Q&A

Thanks for a great Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, social media event roundup, and a little Q&A

Christmas card with swivelCard mini inserted in slots with special holiday holder
Thanks for a great 2@2 sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We enjoy meeting you, even if it’s only virtually for now. Be aware that we have a major holiday sale coming up — a big one! We’ll be announcing it in about a week all over social media and here in the blog, and it’ll help you do your holiday shopping.

Social media roundup

We’ve had two Reddit AMAs and a Google Hangout so far and have been able to answer many questions. Some great questions! Stay tuned for announcements of future social media events. If you weren’t able to come to these past events, access them here:

Reddit #1
Reddit #2
Hangout #1 (technical Q&A)

Lately the Kickstarter questions we’ve been getting fall mostly into two categories: (1) When is my reward going to ship? and (2) Did I fill out my survey? (or “I haven’t received a survey” as the case may be). We’re aiming to have all of the swivelCard mini reward shipping completed by the end of next week, barring any unexpected circumstances. We’re also shipping other items at the same time. Rewards are being produced and sent as fast as we can get them out. As far as surveys, that’s a simple matter of checking Backerkit, so don’t hesitate to ask for confirmation on your survey if you’re not sure, or to ask for a re-send if you haven’t seen yours yet.

New Help page resource: tutorials

The swivelCard website now features two sections under the Help menu: swivelCard Basics and Tutorials. The Basics page has very brief demos of folding cards and inserting into a USB port; instructions for how to repair a torn or “broken” card; and the help form, which you can fill out to get assistance.

The new Tutorials page will contain nothing but tutorial videos. Two of them are already up, one on “saving” files to your swivelCard product and the other a more extensive “best practices” demo on how to fold the swivelCard mini (and how not to).

Closer and closer to the Hall of Fame

We’re coming up on the magic 90% of surveys returned that will launch the Hall of Fame page. There are around 60 surveys left to fill out to reach the goal, and a much bigger number that haven’t yet filled theirs out, so we’ll meet with success.

Thanks for supporting swivelCard.