Why don’t you just post a link to the survey? New Tutorial website page, and holiday sale!

Why don’t you just post a link to the survey? New Tutorial website page, and holiday sale!

Why don’t you post a link to the survey?

This question has come often enough now that it has hit critical mass. The reason we don’t post a link to the survey is because Backerkit kindly provides an individual number and individual link for each person’s survey. There isn’t a general link to the survey; each link is part of your individual backer record.

This helps tremendously with record-keeping, and it means that if you haven’t received your survey yet, or you need it re-sent for some reason, we can send you your own link to your own survey.

You can message us here or through social media (Facebook, @swivelCard) if you need a survey link. Probably half the link requests are from people who have already filled out their surveys and don’t remember being so efficient! Which is great, as we want to keep in touch with you and answer all of your questions.

Introducing the new Tutorial section on the website

Visit the site and check out the new Help drop-down menu. The Basics option covers, well, the basics. Now there’s a new menu item called Tutorials that contains brief help videos for various functions of swivelCard and swivelCard mini products. Check out the tutorial on using your mini to send a holiday e-card.

Holiday sale!

Now about that amazing holiday pricing that you’ve helped make possible with your support of the Kickstarter (which has helped jump-start our production processes, among other things): It’s holiday sale time!

From 12/10 to 12/25, buy swivelCard mini for just 0.99/card with a 10-card minimum — they come in 10-packs. As a thank-you for ordering during the holiday sale, we’ll throw in 5 free holiday holders (see picture) and a cutting template so that you can use your mini cards in any holiday card you want.

So impress your business contacts or send an e-card this year!

Christmas card with swivelCard mini inserted in slots with special holiday holder

swivelCard mini in a Christmas card with a red holder, next to the card envelope